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I have recently chipped a Hornby Fowler 4P with a TCS decoder, feeling a bit lazy I decided to reprogramme the address on the main but this was not possible. I had to resort to using the programming track. (I use the NCR system).

Some loco/decoder combinations do not respond to the programme track, in this case programming on the main is the only option.

I have a DMU which on occasion takes off like a bolting rabbit for about three inches then stops when the system is switched on. When placed on the programme track it shows the address has changed to 256, resetting the address cures the problem until the next time.

I have one loco which refuses to accept a 4 digit address, not a problem but slightly annoying.

Most of the time the system runs very well but the point of all this illustrates how fickle DCC systems can be at times.

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