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You need one of:

  • An ESU LokProgrammer.
  • A computer running JMRI connected to your DCC system's programming track

Either can read in the current settings in your LokSound decoder and then you can select what you want to happen in function mapping. The Lokprogrammer is much quicker as it can read the decoder using an ESU-proprietary mechanism, the JMRI option is usually much cheaper and will read in the values more slowly (potentially taking the computer an hour to do it, but you can do something else whilst it is reading in the initial values).
JMRI can be much quicker if the decoder has a standard ESU sound project loaded on it (rather than an after market one), as the data for the sound project can be imported from that available on the ESU website. The same is true if someone can provide you with the settings in the decoder you have fitted to the loco.

It is possible manually. You've a lot of reading to do of the ESU manuals, and a lot of notes to keep as you manually read the potentially thousands of CV values associated with ESU function mapping (in practise, with a good plan, you can keep this number well below a hundred, but its still a load of work).

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Hi Nigel

I have a Lokprogrammer.. I have been loading my Legomanbiffo files onto V5 DCC decoders but i am looking to find out how I re-map the decoder for total independent lighting..

The connections are as follows:-

F0 would still be the Marker lights (direction of travel) and Red Rear lights at rear of travel.
Rear Red Lights on at BOTH ends on F20 .
Daytime Light on separate ends in direction of travel F21.
Night time Light on separate ends in direction of travel on F22.
Disable tail lights on F10.
Disable cab lights when movement started in direction of travel F19

Connections are as follows:-

Marker lights are as original. (No change in wiring)
Aux 1 Cab light No.1 end
Aux 2 Cab light No.2 end

Aux 3 Day time light No.1 end
Aux 4 Night light No.1 end
Aux 5 Red rear lights No1.end

Aux 6 Daytime light No.2 end
Aux 7 Night time light No.2 end
Aux 8 Red rear lights No.2 end

There is a Youtube video of this modification but He does not disclose the mapping...


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If you have a LokProgrammer, you'll find all the features to do what you ask in there. It is function mapping.

For some of the things you want, you may have to add another line to the function map.
For example, the "disable cab light in direction of travel when moving" could be done on a new line. With that you can have "stationary", and the necessary function key for the and the cab light in the required direction.

It is just a matter of working out logically what you want to happen (eg. these lights in these conditions), and how many rows of function mapping you need to achieve it.

- Nigel
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