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Re powering a old Train

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A few years back I got a large 00 scale lot from an auction, and in the lot theres this one loco, which ive finally put on the work bench (because most the trains didnt go) to try get it going again. Ive researched the model and found out its a 4-6-4 Baltic Tank made by Tri-ang South Africa. I seen some photos of the model with out the body but i could not figure out where the wires had to go, can any body please give me directions?

Some pics:

And a Link:
Tri-ang web site thing
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Hi Trav,

It looks like the brushes, brush spring, insulator & connector tag at least are missing.

If, when you get the parts & the motor smokes try cleaning the comm & making sure there is no dirt between the segments before binning the motor.

At least it's the standard old X04 motor, so you should be able to pick one up fairly easily.

The loco is probably collectable, but has it been repainted ?

best regards
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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