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Ready-made Semaphore Signals top poll

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The recent poll carried out on Pat Hammond's Model Railway Express on-line magazine for a 'Wish List' for 2008 came up with ready-made operating semaphore signals as the most desired accessory - indeed they were the overall 1st choice, exceeding any single loco! (See also Model Rail's May issue, page 74.)

Desires expressed in previous years' polls have resulted in both locos and rolling stock being made by the major makers - let's hope they heed the results of this year's poll!

John Webb
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Brian, MSE only make parts for signals. Ratio make kits.
To the best of my knowledge, there are no RTR semaphore signals for UK modelling.
At 15-20 GBP. I would get a few.
By the time one buys a Ratio Kit + a Tortoise together with the time building & installing, having a RTR that may just be 5-8pounds dearer would be good value.
I maybe proved wrong but I believe the majority of model railway/railroad modellers are not so nit-picky, that they would not use any item that did not exist in the flesh on their representation of such a line.
My Empire is loosely based on GWR/WR but I have no qualms about running locos that may or could or should have run on those rails & so to get another item which will make it look more like a rail network like RTR semaphore signals would be a blessing.

For those who follow the actual railway/railroad & must have the correct type of post, etc, good, but we must not forget that the hobby has a few compromises & to the majority of users; having the correct type of signal post would be a minor part of their enjoyment.
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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