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Ready-made Semaphore Signals top poll

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The recent poll carried out on Pat Hammond's Model Railway Express on-line magazine for a 'Wish List' for 2008 came up with ready-made operating semaphore signals as the most desired accessory - indeed they were the overall 1st choice, exceeding any single loco! (See also Model Rail's May issue, page 74.)

Desires expressed in previous years' polls have resulted in both locos and rolling stock being made by the major makers - let's hope they heed the results of this year's poll!

John Webb
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R.T.R semaphore signals have been on my wish list for more years than i wish to remember, and if a single arm signal was to cost near to £30 i would still consider purchasing one or more. i have tried constructing my own signals, they look ok, but would never pass on the exhibition circuits, i have also made the ratio kit signals, but i find them to fiddly, if you take the prices of kits, paints, time taken to build, you would find that £30 (the price mentioned above) not unreasonable by to-days prices. i recently considered building a "Jones heavy goods loco" the cost of all the items required for it was marching on towards £200, and thats before any assembly takes place, add to that the time to assemble, paint etc, and the cost far exceeds a RTR model, if you take all these factors into consideration, the cost of a signal at upto £30 dont seem that bad, plus its a better product than i could produce myself, i wonder who will be first to grasp the nettle? any bets?
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