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Realistic LEGO. Its an oxymoron.

But with the release in 2009 of the 'Emerald Night' kit (LEGO's version of the Flying Scotsman) with its larger wheels their has been an increasing push to make Lego trains look more realistic.

Intrestingly this has meant it is now acceptable in the L-Gauge comunity to use 3rd party parts which include power systems/lights/sounds. Wheels in various diameters. Larger radius tracks/points etc to name but a few.

Links below are my creations but if intrested I could post examples of others work. Video with sound and smoke(Loco is being updated with a larger Piezio for more 'Smoke" and work on the sound) 1st Carriage only 9 more to make?? PO Coal wagons from Birkenhead docks .
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