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Realistic People

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Hello again, haven't logged on for a while and as usual I'm after advice. I'm at the point now with my layout that I want to put some people on it. I've been looking at the modelscene people in my local shop and to be honest I don't like them. The Bachmann and Hornby people are better but the range isn't wide enough and I think they are expensive.
The Dapol, (ex Airfix?) people look good, but my painting skills are not great and I know I'll make a hash of trying to paint them.
Can anyone suggest a source of good quality painted people for OO guage. I'm modelling a preserved steam line so anything goes with regard to passengers but railway staff should not be too modern image.
Thanks for any help offered.
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Have a look at the Noch range - although HO it's a fact that people do come in various sizes in real life. They only look a little "small" when next to OO figures.

As it happens we sell more Noch figures to OO modelers that HO modelers.

Prieser (also in HO) do a nice range & some good value unpaited ones for the areas that require less detail.

Both ranges do very good "doing something" poses & also animals (including cats & dogs).
Excellent job there Martin - they look really good.

I'm just glad I have somebody to do them for me (good old BRITHO !) - I'll stick to the M & E side.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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