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Realistic People

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Hello again, haven't logged on for a while and as usual I'm after advice. I'm at the point now with my layout that I want to put some people on it. I've been looking at the modelscene people in my local shop and to be honest I don't like them. The Bachmann and Hornby people are better but the range isn't wide enough and I think they are expensive.
The Dapol, (ex Airfix?) people look good, but my painting skills are not great and I know I'll make a hash of trying to paint them.
Can anyone suggest a source of good quality painted people for OO guage. I'm modelling a preserved steam line so anything goes with regard to passengers but railway staff should not be too modern image.
Thanks for any help offered.
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As has been said before figure use comes down to positioning and availability, I have alwys used Preiser figures as I find that they tend to have the best "action" figures. In all honesty the height difference beteen HO and OO figures is negligible. (I have often found OO figures to be oversize.)

QUOTE (Mike Button @ 4 Jul 2008, 19:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for all the advice, I've looked a the Noch and Preiser ranges and yes they look very good. However I can't help thinking they look very european. I'm especially thinking of the railway staff, I can't see any of them being at home on a preserved railway in the U.K.


Preiser do a set of 6 figures, in BR uniform. They are available from Gaugemaster, and others, the reference number is 10410.

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