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Model Rail Forum is a Portal featuring Model Railway News, Reviews, Resources and Community Forums.

Even though Model Rail Forum is an English language site, we welcome members from all over the world and encourage them to share their passion for the hobby. If you are not English, but can read, understand and write a little English, please join us - you are very much welcome.

So why register?
Once registered you will be able to join - and participate - in this huge friendly community and be able to get the best from it, learn new things, get the gossip, whatever you need from building, collecting, playing with and understanding the hobby.

What do I get?
Once registered you will have your own online profile you can use for many things. Keep your eye on hot topics, partake in discussions, send and receive email and private messages, enhanced facilities, and much more!

How do I enter Competitions and Prize draws?
Model Rail Forum hosts competitions throughout the year with fantastic prizes. These competitions are open only to members. The first step to be in-line for a win is to register.

Is it free?
Registering with Model Rail Forum to use the Forums, to browse the Resources, Reviews and Links sections is free.

What else?
We don't have pop up's on Model Rail Forum. We do have banner ads that help fund the site. Our sponsors and advertisers are from the Model Railway industry so the products and services on offer may be of interest to you. Apart from the banners, there are Google ads and links to Amazon books in other parts of the site (Resources & Reviews).

What now?
Registration usually takes no more than a couple of minutes, just follow the screen prompts and you could be our newest registered member.

You will need to use a valid email address as the forum is set up to send you an email with a link in which you need to click on to validate. This is to make sure that we only have 'proper' email addresses registered therefore being more secure on the forums.

We regard privacy extremely highly.
Model Rail Forum will never give out or sell ANY of the details collected on the forums or via email. Your privacy is safe with us.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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