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The locomotives of the DB BR 01.10 remained completely with the DB after the war and had the 5axles tender T38 coupled.
Now the DB started an experiment and equipped a T38 tender with coal bunker cover flaps. The purpose was to protect travelers from internal and external pollution of fast-moving passenger trains. A coal pusher device was also installed.
Locomotive 01 1070 was first coupled with this tender, later locomotive 01 1097 received it. Only this one tender was ever converted.
So something different from the normal Oil or Coal fired locomotives to run on my layout.

Parts to make this tender conversion.

Tender: Liliput BR 45/ liliput 01.10
Tender covers and machinery: Roco BR 03.10
Coal bunker: Roco BR 03.10
Tender -Loco Gummi conector: Weinert
Loco - Tender coupling: Weinert
Motor Mashima: "1833"Japanese 5 pole can type, Branchlines (now defunct)
Brass flywheels: Branchlines (now defunct)
Tender coal: Welsh steam coal
R.A.L paints: revell satin, Weinert Karmine.
Loco: Liliput 01.10
Inscriptions: Weinert

Ok, here's a mock up. to see how it fits together, repaint needed, but I am happy with it!
Very simple to do, no metal work to alter, all parts are BR03.10 spares from Roco and of course a Liliput diecast BR01.10 tender,
No air reservoir or toolbox is fitted, so the conversion is not quite the same as for the DB 03.10.

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Did it work? (The greater hazard for UK passengers was water spilling from an overfilled tender on the water troughs found on many faster lines. If the carriage windows of the first coach were open, the interior could be significantly wetted, with water that was not that clean...)
Not really, loco crew did not like the fitting, loose coal used to jam the mechanism, conversion to Oil burners seamed to be the answer on the 01.10.
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