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I thought i would take this opportunity to show of a coupel of additions to my fleet.

The first one is a Piko hobby range electric. this is the second one I have bought. They are fantastic runners and incredibly cheap. This one was about £38!!

I finally got my hands on a second Qj when a friend sold off his chinese stock. I can now double head them for that authentic ji tong look!!
The only problem is that the only place I have space to run a decent sized train is at the club where the track is a bit iffy and the Qj's dont like it.


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Nice additions Peter - would'nt mind a QJ myself.

The Piko "Hobby" locos are incredible for the money (we sell loads of them) 8 wheel drive/pick up & no traction tyres. About the only "weak" point is really the pantographs, but they can always be replaced.
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