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Releases at Warley

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What the chances of a T9 (or three) for sale at Warley?

No doubt the container ship has been hijacked by Somali pirates off Barwell but it would be nice to get a chance before the major box shifters get their allocations.

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i would have serious concernes about any ship near Barwell! but as the T9 is made by hornby then it would be going to margate!!

Seriously though. i unserstand that a batch was made and actually delieverd to the UK. but traction was so poor that they got sent back to china to have traction tyres fitted on one set of drivers. i have not heard anything since then.
they might do their trick and air freight in 100 loco's. but i wouldnt get your hopes up.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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