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QUOTE (Al @ 3 Dec 2007, 12:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My first attempt at the bridge was made in plastic section. The two box sections worked pretty well, however the l;arger central span suffered from lack of structural strength. I found it flexed to much when under load which caused the the joints to fail. However it wan't a complete failure. I learnt a lot from it, particually in the best way to put it together. Also discovered a few errors in my drawing, particually around the join between the box sections and the central span.

Attempt two will be built in brass, with the masonary work in foam card...
Hello Al,

Your layout plan looks quite excellent, I can't wait to see more! I look forward to seeing how your bridge construction goes as I would love to do something similar for my layout set in Austria / Switzerland. As you say there is no better way of learning than doing for something like this - one could talk about it and plan it for weeks on a website / in the head, but until you start making it and the tensions and stresses that support the real bridge do not support the model one etc. etc. that is when the fun begins!
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