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I have the drawing and the brass. Time I got started.
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QUOTE (Al @ 16 Jan 2010, 19:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Then comes the delicate task of soldering all three parts together.

And what fun that will be!

Out of passing interest on this front what sort of iron are you using on this work - I have built a footbridge in 4mm out of brass for New Hey but in the end only did the basic framework out of brass section, resorting to plastruct sections glued in cosmetically for the cross members. I was having all sorts of problems with heat transfer, which despite using several strategically placed heat sinks and use of my RSU was ending up with adjacent bits coming unsoldered. Part of the difficulty was once you get the box structure together (like you Al I built it in 3 sections) is keeping it all straight and square, particularly when you are also using a big lump of metal as a heat sink. As in all soldering jobs 3 hands (or preferavbly 4 ) woul be useful!

Its looking very impressive and I look forward to nseeing the completed model.
1 - 2 of 428 Posts
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