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I have the drawing and the brass. Time I got started.
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I was staying just up the road from Remagen at a place called Linz back in 1969. We made several trips back and forth along that stretch of the Rhine which is quite wide at that point. The original Bridge pilings were still there from the old bridge as were the tunnel entrances in the rock nearby. What does the scene look like now?
Has anyone seen any pictures?

Interesting videos Nick,thanks for posting.
That's looking extremely impressive my friend, excellent work

Kind regards

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Excellent work Al - I look forward to seeing more.

I built this bridge when I was in High-school in 1960.
QUOTE (Vern @ 5 Feb 2010, 16:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I built this bridge when I was in High-school in 1960.

Have you any pictures Vern ?
It was built of balsa wood & cardboard toilet paper tubes. I also built a model of Ceasar's bridge over the Rhine and an English Castle. I only have a picture of the castle. An excellent movie is "The Bridge at Remagen" but I don't know how true to prototype the "stunt" bridge is. (;p)
QUOTE (Vern @ 5 Feb 2010, 18:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>An excellent movie is "The Bridge at Remagen" but I don't know how true to prototype the "stunt" bridge is. (;p)

The film was filmed at Davle in former Czechoslovakia. The bridge is very close to Remagen bridge in appearance.

One interesting fact about the film is it almost sparked off World War Three. Towards the end of filming the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia. The WW2 surplus US Army Chaffees, truck and jeeps used in the filming were mistaken for genuine US Army tanks with the ineveratble Cold War escalation before the mistake was found out.
One of the flaws to Patton and The Bridge at Remagen is the use of post WWII equipment. A Bridge Too Far,
Saving Private Ryan
and Band of Brothers are much more enjoyable to me because of the authenticity.
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Moving on slowly. Finished the two side frames tonight. All fully soldered up without too much trouble. I've got the delicate task of cleaning them up next. Each joint needs dressing to one degree or another and both sides need a good clean to remove the surplus flux before I set about the next stage.

Once again, many thanks to Peter (pokermaina) for the loan of the rail bender. I couldn't have got this far without it.
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I look forward to the next stage!!

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Truly outstanding Al.

Kind regards

It's not all been work on the bridge. I've also been building a Rhein paddle steamer.

I've got the kit built up and basic paint job done on it. Next step is glue all the passenger benches in place, add a bit more detail and weather. Oh yes, and 240 passenger painting and adding....

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It is only when you see this image that you realise how big the bridge is.
It's a great piece of model engineering and I was glad to have helped.

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Great work there Al.I dont envy you painting all the little people though,good luck.
That's a beautiful piece of workmanship Al which will make a great centre-piece to your layout. I like the Rheine cruiser too but don't envy you painting all those figures.

Keep up the good work.
Outstanding workmanship Al ....... the paddlesteamer looks excellent this with the bridge is going to make a superb centrepiece to the layout
keep up the good work
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Stunning work - both the bridge & the steamer.

As others have said "don't envy you painting all those little people".
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