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Hi all,

Between gardening duties over the weekend, I managed to get a fair bit done on Route's End.

To refresh your memories, this has been re-modelled and simplified to a single track tram terminus with double track approach and a trap siding to protect the junction and platform. The former track layout was difficult to operate with two people, virtually impossible to operate single-handed and confused the hell out of my operating partner Barbara!

Additionally, the layout has been made 'Kid Proof' to a degree by having the tracks further back and clear space at the front so fingers can be seen before they intend to do any touching, poking, prodding or peeling! Further 'Kid Proofing' is being planned with the inclusion of a hedge segregating tramway from front pavement.

Tram Terminus almost complete with site of second track paved over - the ridge in the paving is deliberately done to provide a boundary between Light Rail operator and public right of way. Note station canopy supports, buffer stop, substation all finished in Light Rail Operators corporate light blue. The missing figures will be reinstated.

Remodelled Route's End first vehicle - a track trolley sits in the trap siding!

That Thomas the Tank Engine footbridge now repainted in corporate light blue with one signal mounted (second one to follow) for one-person operating where both trams remain on the board and shuttle separately.

Only the OHLE to be done and I'll put that on the back burner - Summer's back!

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