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Repainting Chassis

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I'm in the process of repainting (airbrushing) two Hornby 8Fs, which have been modified to WD specification with air pumps etc.

One is to be grey (loco body and tender already dealt with) and the other Longmoor Blue. Now the frames on these locos are not black, being grey and red respectively.

It looks as if I will have to dismantle the chassis to effect satisfactory airbrushing - or does anybody out there have any further advice as it is the first time I have ever had to deal with a chassis which is to be any other colour than black.

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Here is one I did before!
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A TCDD 8F ! Great work ! Brilliant.

Pity they do not have one in HO. The plates are good but I can recommend:

Herr Kuswa did miracles on TCDD plates and loco numbers.

Instead of airbrushing can I recommend to use water based acrylic paints and apply with a brush. You can use Revell's "Karminsrot red", nearly the exact color of DB reds.

Love to see your progress as you go along.


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I would always want to strip, prepare and degrease a RTR chassis before any paint job of this sort. Both so that the new coat of paint adheres well, and to ensure there is no paint where it is not wanted on pick up wipers, and in small joints in the valve gear.

If it is a consolation, there is an additional benefit in doing this strip down on the Hornby 8F, and many other Hornby locos of similar vintage. The electrical connections from the loco wheel pick up wipers are made by rather poor flat face-to-face contacts, and the whole chassis block is live. It is very little additonal trouble once the chassis is stripped to substitute soldered wire connections; and this wil pay off in long term running reliability, particularly if it is intended to fit the loco with a DCC decoder.
Just for reference on the colour scheme:

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