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Repair To Joueff Locomotives

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I have two Joueff loco's from the late 1970's early 80's that have been stored in a unheated garage for a number of years. Having recently returned to the hobby I thought that I would test these engines to see if they still worked. On applying power I found that the motor was still turning but drive was not getting to the wheels. On dismantling the loco's I found that the rubber drive belt had suffered (fallen apart). Question does anyone know of a suitable replacement ? I have thought of using rubber bands or O rings but what is the correct size or material to use. I sent an email to Hornby International asking for help but from the reply they appear not to be interested. Not surprising !! Note that at the same time in the garage I also had Hornby and Piko loco's and these worked first time when tested.
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I too have some of those belt driven Jouef locos. Mine are also a bit stretched and old and also either prevent the loco from moving or make the running quite bad.

I have not found a suitable replacement, although I managed to shim the motor in one loco, thus tightening the band a little and helping it with traction.

I'll try and enquire at a couple of French shops to see if there are replacements available.
Roco used belt drive on a number of their E91's & Crocs -t may be worth seeing if you can match up with some of them - alternativly you could try some hairbands ! (I've used them for traction tyres on obsolete locos) - they are available from Claires Accessories.
Many thanks for the help. I managed to resolve it in the end by using a DIY O ring kit then using holtmelt to stick the ends of the ring together. Super glue made the ring too stif. Trial and a lot of error to get the right size.

Interesting comment about hair braids. I thought that some of my wifes cosmetics look very similar to weathering powders. Any one used them on model railways I mean ?

Final question I assume that no model railway manufacturer now uses rubber bands in there drive systems can any one let me know if they still do so I can avoid them ?
hello andy
No they dont use the belt drive any more.

The belt drive system does have its place is very usefull for driving accessories. for examply the roof fan on the hornby class 50 is belt driven.

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