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Unless your changing gauge,and with a 'handle' of Double00,I assume you not,-I would have thought that Hornby's current Chinese wheels,R8096[I think that's the right no.-it's the plain disc ones you need],would have been perfect for you,-they are virtually identical to Jackson/Romfords but half the price!.
Many people,-myself included, slide them further out on their axles and use them for EM gauge.
You don't say which version of Mk2/3 coaches you have,if they are the old Margate built ones with the plastic axles [especially the square axle type] then I would definately swap them over...
There is no denying the quality of the Ultrascale product,but the price and the waiting time have to be factored in to a project,-they are probably 'over the top' for standard '00' use,-a bit like using 'Rolls-Royce' parts to upgrade a Nissan Micra...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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