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Railwayania own the Replica brand and now produce rolling stock on a small scale in both ready to run and kit from from their office in Swindon. There was a time when Replica imported models produced from the former Mainline moulds. When Kadar took over Bachmann they denied Replica access to the moulds so large scale production was halted about 1990.

The Replica owner was a stickler for quality and examined every model received from China before repackaging it! All rejections were sent back and not paid for!

Is there a lesson here?

They are right next door to a slot car stockist called Slot City.

This particular item was produced in both kit form and ready to run in 2003.

They currently do some interesting rolling stock for Southern Railways modellers. Whilst attending toy fairs and having the sales outlet in Swindon, Replica do not have a website.

Railwayania do have a website however.

Why not contact Replica? They are very approachable and will probbaly give you all the info you are after.

Happy modelling
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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