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I have one of these sets purchased direct from Railwayania which, if my memory serves me correctly, I ordered at Ally Pally in early 2004.

Looking at my credit card records I paid £68.00 for the set in June 2004. The set is numbered 71/150.

Again, if I remember correctly, I was told that Railwayania produced these models in batches of 50 sets so mine was the 21st set of the second batch. Given the time gap between when I ordered and when I received the set they must have been made in early 2004. So maybe the first batch was made in 2003 - only guessing though!!

More recently I ordered the SR surburban set but had to wait quite some time before I received the set. It was worth the wait though!!

This year I understand that Railwayania are hoping to have a MLV an (ex-SR Motor Luggage Van) on the stand at Ally Pally. This I must have as they used to run down the Folkestone Harbour Branch.........

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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