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QUOTE (folkestonekeith @ 12 Jan 2006, 21:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>More recently I ordered the SR surburban set but had to wait quite some time before I received the set. It was worth the wait though!!
This year I understand that Railwayania are hoping to have a MLV an (ex-SR Motor Luggage Van) on the stand at Ally Pally. This I must have as they used to run down the Folkestone Harbour Branch.........

Hi, I could not find the original post regarding Replica Railways (Railwayania), whereby '34C' posted a direct link to their reasonably new (2010) web site, but found the above from 2006. I just checked out the Replica Railways site and the complete low profile motorized chassis is illustrated and now available for purchase with two wheel diameters (12 m.m. and 14 m.m. in scale 64 foot chassis, and 12 m.m. dia wheels fitted to a scale 57 foot chassis (to be available in the near future). The MLV hopefully cannot be far behind now as Replica were waiting for a suitable motorized chassis upon which to mount the already available detailed body.

Please see:

The suburbans are of course listed on the site - some of the sets not available at this time, but spare parts to build a complete coach are still available - I purchased four in green and they are very good. Will wait for the Bachmann 2 EPB to be released and see if the Replica suburbans will look acceptable to make a 4 EPB. As suggested previously by others, perhaps Bachmann will produce ready-to-run suburban coaches for the 2 EPB, but it may not be on their list of priorities.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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