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Resin cast kits.

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For a couple of years on and off I've both been making kits from resin by Smallbrook Studio, and I've been experimenting by casting little bits and pieces myself like axle boxes etc. I have found resin very easy to work with. Though more often then not parts need a little work or cleaning up to fit, it is very easy to do.
Resin parts use superglue (The runny type as it flows into the joints) as a bonding agent. If one damages any resin item, it can simply be glued back together, but what do I use if I have an accident and lose a corner of a roof of my model, or I make a mistake during construction, or I simple have a few bubbles in the resin to fill? Well, I normally use DAS modelling clay. It is ideal for the job and I've rebuilt the corner of a roof of a loco which I accidentally dropped and couldn't find the broken piece. It is not noticeable now it has been fixed and has not come away. If it did one only has to run some thin superglue and stick it back on! DAS can also be used as a filler for bubbles etc.
For either smaller bubble holes or things requiring something stronger then DAS, when one files any moulding excess one ends up with fine resin powder. Now if you have an area that needs to be filled, add a drop of superglue, and then sprinkle on this fine powder. The superglue will form a hard area ready to file down smooth. The repair is likely to be stronger then the resin itself.
I hope these tips can encourage others that resin is a very good and easy material to work with, and any mistakes can be easily corrected if needed.
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