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...We have recently returned from a nice break in Jersey...
Lovely place Jersey. I went there 5 times through the 70's and 80's prior to migrating to Australia in the 1990's. The earlier trips to Jersey were prior to 'Bergerac' and the later trip afterwards. I believe that today, it has gone back to being the sleepy/quiet island we first knew and these days, no-one has heard of Bergerac and the 'Bureau des Etrangers'.
Battle of the Flowers was always good. And the run out to Elizabeth Castle on a WWII DUKW was interesting. Facinating place if you are interested in WWII history.
The hotel we once stayed in (Le Coei) has long gone. It was probably the largest in St Hellier at the time. No council houses I believe.

Yesterday we booked a 24 day tour of Australia and New Zealand for the Nov/Dec 2023 (by land, rail, sea and air), which includes a 4 day trip from Perth to Adelaide, then on to Sidney on the Indian Pacific train.
Just be aware that this part of the world is BIG. It usually takes around 21 hours of flying to get to Sydney, a few hours less to Perth. Qantas flies non-stop from London to Darwin in 17 hours with a B787 Dreamliner. It takes roughly 4.5hrs to fly from Sydney to Perth to give you an idea of the size of this place.

Clive James once said that "if a plane leaves an airport in Australia and only has two engines, it is going to the suburbs. If it has four engines, it is going somewhere".

On the run from Perth to Adelaide, you will of course, travel along the world's longest piece of straight track across the Nullabor. (Nullabor means 'No Trees'). There really is nothing but desert and scrub, but it has a beauty all of its own.
My parents have used Princess Cruises a few times and speak highly of them.

Good luck and happy travels/retirement!
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