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why not take a drastic break of pace?

build something small...a plank or somesuch......which can be fiddled with as a change from your main interest?

and can I suggest ignoring stuff like running qualities?

most of today's UK-outline is as good as anything from the continent, in my I do recall Jouef and its indifferent running as was....

however, what I DO suggest is, not just a change of prototype country...but a serious change of era?

when I was a lot younger [same ..more or less..generation as you], modellers mainly went for pre-grouping/ pre-nationalisation...BR era being seen as too recent and boring.......I miss not seeing pre-group GWR branchlines in the press...they're all dirty BR these days. seem to possess modelling skills over and above unpacking Fleischmann's latest from its box....and try a prototype less well served by teh makers...which means pre-group for definate....maybe even Broad Gauge GWR...which everybody KNOWS is what every railway ought to have ended up like.

running quality is down to your own skills then....and it aint difficult...apparently.

nice Taff VAle Rly item in January's BRM
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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