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That's a very good layout subject area to go after. Despite the help offered recently by the RTR manufacturers, you are in for some serious kit building to model 1950s Suffolk. But you will be able to have the bones of a local passenger service running quickly thanks to the original Derby lightweights, also the B1 and B17 with Gresley and Thompson non-gangwayed if the route chosen is sufficiently main line. And the trend toward 0-6-0s noticeable in Bachmann's output may well deliver an ex-GER J; the J15 in particular has been consistently lobbied for.

Ignore the fads of grammarians. Their working principle has been to apply Latin grammar to a language which really bears little relation to it. That would be akin to a GP attempting to apply modern medicine in a manner consonant with the theory of the four humours...
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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