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Hello and welcome to the Forum.

I model SNCF and like you I found my enthusiasm was waning, in my case around 3 years ago. I changed tack completely and started modelling BR LM region in the 60s. However this interest soon waned as well due to inferior running quality, and I was drawn back to the superior, albeit more expensive SNCF models. However I've still kept the BR models so if I need to reinvent my enthusiasm I can do so without going on a spending spree.

I fully understand your waning enthusiasm, but would suggest you hang onto your Eurpoean models, you never know where your enthusiam will take you.

Like you I live on the Continent, in my case France, and I also have a hankering for good pies and beer (in my case Boddingtons which can be bought out here fortunately). Otherwise I can recommend who will post out English food, in my case Bisto, Paxo and Coleman's mustard, (yes they do steak and kidney pies as well).

Happy modelling and eating
Clive Hayward
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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