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Hi Folks, my name is Brian and I have just registered with Model railway Forum after my first look around, and it's fab !! Congratulations to all concerned.

I had my first Hornby passenger set around the 1950's (The Princess Victoria loco and 3 cream and maroon carriages), and then leaving school, work, marriage, divorce etc, etc,
and now after 40+ years, I am eventually returning to the best hobby in the world.

In 2007 I was lucky enough to receive from my daughter, the Hornby 'Industrial' set and after a few posts to Yahoo Freecycle groups, I was lucky enough to be offered 3 train sets and accesories for free, to help extend my layout.
Now I am in the process of setting up the baseboards and getting the track down. I am looking forward to the smell of acrylic paint, solder and burning loco motors, (again).
I have seen some wonderful layouts on different sites, and I am amazed at the amount of realism that a lot of modellers can achieve - absolutly fantastic. In this forum I have already seen a brilliant idea I can utilise in my layout.
I will be contacting the member concerned to ask for their permission.
I will keep you all posted via text and pics of my progress. Any comments or advice or criticism's will be warmly appreciated.

Kindest regards from the North Coast of the Emerald Isle...

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Hi Brian and welcome to the MRF.

It's amazing just how many have, like myself and several others on the Forum, returned to the hobby after several years away from it. My first train set, by the way, was the Hornby Dublo Duchess of Montrose with 3 carriages (can't remember their colour scheme) which would be at about the same time as your first set. Glad to have you aboard and feel free to ask questions if you need help.

Incidentally there is another, new smell to add to those you mentioned. That of fried chips; and I don't mean the sort you eat with fish.

Enjoy your modelling and keep us posted on your progress with plenty of pics.

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Hi Brian and welcome to the MRF. I take it your not the Brian Adams that had a massive number 1 hit

Seriously though mate you enjoy your stay on this forum I have found it a fantastic way to meet like minded people who are more than happy to help you.
Just make sure if you need help just ask as there will always be someone that will know.

Kind regards


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Hi there Brian - as a returner (albeit after 30 years away not 40) I would say the three major changes in 00 modelling that require thought before commiting to any large new layout are -

1/ do you use digital control (DCC)?
2/ there are significantly more track choices in the UK even PECO has a more accurate (code 75) track - so think about that?
3/ Couplings as most modern models allow them to be changed you do not have to have the horrible tension locks of old - the most popular alternative is Kadee - see in the resources section here as there are disadvantages too!

Welcome back to the gentle hobby.



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Hi Brian and welcome to MRF.

Overall we are a pretty friendly bunch with a couple of forum specialities - you will undoubtedly notice these as time goes by.

Any questions just ask away, and usually someone will come up with what you need.


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To each and everyone
CHRIS ADAMS - TIMP - STEAM_DRIVEN BOY - NIKKIE - PAUL - EX-PAT who wished me all the best in MRF with my hobby, I should just like to say, "Very many thanks indeed for the friendly welcome and offer of help from all concerned" - it really is appreciated. I have enjoyed the journey so far, and, I know there will always be a surprise around the next bend.

If I can reciprocate anytime please don't hesitate to ask.

Good luck to everyone.
I am not, unfortunately, the Canadian singer BrYan Adams
- I wish I was - just think of all that money going into a model shop and coming home with a 60ft container of goodies
- blimey.!! I suppose I'll just have to do with pinching bits'n'bobs from my dole money, ha, ha !!.

Congratulations to our female replyee
- enjoyed your photos on your site - beautiful and very nostalgic. I have a camera myself (35mm film slr - (Canon EOS 1000F(N)) - so I must get a new battery for it and start sending in instead of always using my mobile phone camera.
I am now breaking off for coffee'n'a ***, but later will post some pics from my phone of my stock so far, and maybe I'll eventually know the name, number, region and model of all my stock, and whether or not they can be fitted for DCC or not.

Cheers'n'beers till later friends ............... bye bye .......
Regards ........ Brian Adams.

P.S. Not forgetting BRITHO as well
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