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Reverse loop module..

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Hi,I've done a quick search but cannot find what Im looking for. Has anyone fitted and used a reverse loop module with a dynamis station? I gather they are easy to fit and work automatically ,just would like to hear from someone who uses one.Thanks,Frame in sunny Padstow. PS.Im assuming a Bachmann would be the best to fit with my system?
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Hi frame69.

I haven't used a reverse loop modul with a dynamis as I have an EcOS but don't think that would make a difference as the ones I have work automatically anyway. I purchased mine from Digitrains. Their web site is at Chris is always very helpful but tends not to answer e-mails so just give him a call for personal advice.
Good morning and thanks Trevor.
A lot has been said about reverse loop modules here:

There are problems with many auto reverse modules when used with the Dynamis.
The Dynamis apparently has a very rapidly operating overload trip, which often beats reverse units.
There has been some discussion on the type of reverser to use - All electronic being the only way, but even here it seems some units are still to slow in flipping the track power over and the Dynamis senses the short and goes into overload.
Dynamis and Reverse Modules
It seems even Bachmann's own auto reverse module doesn't work with the Dynamis either!
Crude but easy solution - put a 21watt car bulb in series with one of the power leads, therefore the "short" will appear to be load of about 1.75amps to the controller.
****Yes, the bulb is a good idea for removing the effect of momentary shorts on point frogs etc but.... that will not fix a reverse loop issue. It could be an effective buffer between Dynamis and the reverse loop conroller if the dynamis trips too fast though... To prevent load related problems in that case though, I'd look for a bulb more like 35 watts.... (it'd dampen momentary shorts to 3 amps, and compared to the 20 watt bulb be relatively unaffected by multi train running)

look for a fully electronic reverse loop controller with its own overload protector built in. I tend to favour those made by DCC specialties of USA and I think Bromsgrove models sells those in UK


I think you can adjust the short circuit sensing sensitivity with the Dynamis........
Good job I asked you chaps,I was about to make a purchase but I'll have to ponder over this for a while and maybe experiment a little.But there is a section of my layout in desperate need for a system.If I have to I'll change my control set up,the dynamis is good but Im not %100 happy with it.A system with more infra-red range would be a good start.
In the meantime you can fit a DPDT changeover switch instead of the reverser, to reverse the polarity manually. Make sure it's on the right setting before the train arrives, then flip it over while the whole train is on the reversing section. You might need to stop the train if it's nearly as long as the section itself.
I'm currently getting past it with point control as the length of track is as yet unpowered.My layout is quite established but since joining this forum my approach to modelling has somewhat changed and there are a lot of areas that i'm not % 100 happy with, so a decision has to be made as to whether I start again or carry out some major alterations.(or I could leave it for a while and work on one of the other projects I've got going).
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