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This is an interesting and important topic as reverse loops enable continuous running (of sorts with the use of a manual switch if its not automated) and at the same time permits a shelf type layout between the loops allowing locomotives to run continously around the perimeter of a room on an "L" type base (for example) with loop baloons at each end.

Now I am not an expert and complexities of this subject has always put me off even thinking about using reverse loops, but if we can work things out to make this idea easy for folk to grasp, then I am confident more will give it a go because of the space saving advantages when compared to continous running on an oval circuit which has to be placed in the centre of a room or at one side on a base with a depth of 1000mm or more which can make access on the far side of the layout difficult.

How does the information at this link look. The design requires a manual switch to change the polarity but if the switch is not thrown the loco comes to a halt automatically. If it is thrown whilst the loco is between the breaks then the loco continues on its merry way without stopping. All that it needs is something to automate the polarity switch for the whole process to be automatic:-

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