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QUOTE Talking about reviewing problematical loco mechs, any opinions about the Hornby type 7 motor?

I have stuffed my "Lorna Doone" with 40 grams of lead to increase the traction. But this horrible motor... Just 3 long clerestory coaches and 4 with great pain.

This motor is the very weak (it's just too cheap) spot of a few Hornby items and I think it's the reason why they have reverted to rubber tyres in 1 or 2 cases.

It really is amazing how Hornby get away with this!

Lack of pulling power also an issue with Class59 and Class73. OK not the top end of the Hornby spec but not exactly inexpensive either (compared with Vitrains 37 for instance)

Spot on DB50. Iam convinced we are Hornby and Bachmanns Quality Control.

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