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Review for SGDMUs by Colin Marsden

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In a recent rail magazine, maybe from last month I can't remember, there was a review for Colin Marsden's recent book on second generation DMUs.

The reviewer strangely, in the review, pondered over whether units built 1980s and later can be classified as DMUs.


How can they not be DMUs? Its not an antiquated term for a type of rail traction; the term is still relevant today surely. They are diesel powered and they can run in multiple. Isn't that enough evidence to confirm that they truly are DMUs?
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I would have thought so! Even a HST with both powercars could be classed thus.
I think it rather depends on how you define multiple, in my opinion if it is designed to run in multiple, and each individual set is a unit, them coupling two or more sets together makes them multiple units.

Well it wasn't Hornby Magazine or the Railway Modeller who made this strange comment!

As I write I honestly could not remember. It might have been BRM or Model Rail.
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