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Revolution GBRf material wagon needed.

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Hello everyone
I am currently working on a private scale diorama which requires a few material wagons from the Revolution series in 1:76 scale. Unfortunately after long days of searching I came to realise that it is out of stock on all websites that used to offer them. I really would like to have this particular model as shown in the picture below.
If anyone can help on how to find these or anyone who might so kind be willing to offer a few for sale, that would be wonderful and a perfect finish to my long hours of work.
Your kind help and support is highly appreciated and I look forward to any kind of response from you all.

My best wishes
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Welcome. I wish that I knew what to suggest. I have had a look for railway modelling websites that specialise in current railway operations and not found one; unfortunately I don't know anyone with this interest, but perhaps some others here will know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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