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I am very lucky to know Richard in person, and he has helped me to know end, when it come to DCC and model trains.

No need for me to add to the above but I would like to tell you 2 stories about Richard.

Firstly A couple of Sunday's ago I dropped in about 1-1.30pm. Richard was working on a Bachmann Voyager 6 car set. Had a brief chat looked at the voyager had a listen to the sound etc. Richard is a very friendly guy and as usual offered a cuppa. Had a look around, picked some stuff of the shelf. It was about 3.15 and Richard was still working on the Voyager.. I asked why. Richard was not happy with the sound. To me it sounded great but Richard was not really listening to it but looking at the wave forms. I sat for another 1/2 hour quietly listening and just trying to pick up on the slight differences. Finally he was pleased with it, ran it and packed it away. I asked why go to that effort, your customer wont even notice. Richards replay "He may not, but I will, I want it right before it goes out"

To that lucky customer who got sound added in there voyager. You paid for the install and loksound but I bet you didnt pay for the 3 maybe 4 hours of setting up and care that went into it.

I installed a loksound in a 9f. Took ot down to Richard to get set up. As usual offered a cuppa and the new DCC Concepts 2008 product book. Now that is worth something a wealth of info. Anyway, it took him about 10-15 minutes to program the sounds and the 4 lighting functions I had used. Richard then ran it on his test track up and down for about 3/4 hour until he was happy with the chuff and wheel rotation rate. To me that real customer service. I felt slightly guilty walking out as I had only paid for a loksound. Yes I understand that it part of the service but I was pleased with it after 15 minutes.

As we have all said Richard goes the extra mile for us all.

I think I speak for 99.9% of us on here Thank you for freely sharing your knowledge with us and for all the help and services you have provided.

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