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Richard Johnson

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I should perhaps explain that I am a modeller who just happens to have a few trains running around, trains which work (sometimes) on the black art of DCC which I know absolutely nothing about, hence the reason for me being a prolific reader of this forum.
And I have to say that said Richard Johnson seems to be the fountian of all knowledge, with a solution to everybodies problems.
Well if he is not a God or even a lowly Saint, then I suggest he should at least be Prime Minister if he can make a country run as smooth as his advice does to my trains!
Or perhaps not, because then he wouldn't have time for all our minor problems!
So really this is just a general Thank you for being here, and more importantly having the patience to answer so many questions which may be simple and obvious to you, but which confuse us mere mortals!
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I would agree with the above. I have found him to be helpful and very knowledgable in all my dealings with him.
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