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Rimenough MPD

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Layout Name Rimenough MPD
Scale/Gauge 00
Size length = 10 ft scenic + 6 Ft fiddle
or 10 ft " + 6 + 2 ft fiddle(s)

Width 2 ft (boards), operating width about 5 ft for traverser and to fit my belly in!!!
height Normally 50 in from ground, but due to "top tip" about Aldi "Extendable
Work station tool" now variable from 30 -50+

Exhibition layout, or stay-at-home?

Bit of both. Built for use at home, which it is, but also quite portable and thus able to do shows, depending on dates.

End to end

Ear 2000- present day, targeting 2002-5
Region - Western-ish EWs with visits.
Whether you would like to be included in the layout register - Yes.

End to end EWS (ex steam shed site) MPD, small modern 4 road shed, the main purpose of which is to maintain and supply 37's for a top n tailed 3 coach (mix of Arriva mk2 and virgin mk2) trains loosely based on Rhymney service.

There is a single track main line at the rear of the layout that sees 153(*) + 158 DMU passing, while the holding road off this can be occupied by:
the top & tailed passenger working, usually pairs of 37 but with the Large logo 37 being paired with a 50 on Saturdays.
EWS hospitality train
67 on 4 coach PCV Mail train
DRS double headed class 20 or 47+37 on flasks
FL 66,90& 57 (*) on way to open day somewhere
66 Top & tailed on short 3 coach Test train
67,37 or 66 top & tailed on snowplough testing

Stock movement on the layout is limited. A fragonset 31, Cotswold 47 or Virgin 57 (*) sometimes visit light engine or with the EWS observation saloon.
Fuel via 2-3 TTA is braught in by 60 or 66 usually, though 67 or 33(**) can also be on this job. There is sometime a stores van that comes with the fuel that contains spares, things like more toilet roll!
08/09 then does a bit of shunting

There is also a water tower left over from the shed's time as steam shed. The odd mainline ticketed kettle visits for water between charter duties, even Thomas pops along now and again!

All Locos are Sound chip fitted (with the exception of the FL 90 which is the only non sound loco allowed on the layout) currently there are class
08/09 (x2),
20 (x2),
37(x12, more to be added with the new Bachmann 37 in 2007),
60(x1+ 1 in works)
with 158(x2),153(x1),57(x2) awaiting SWd chips hopefully this year.

(*) Awaiting SWd version of sound chip
(**) Class 33 awaiting re-vamped Dcc supplies sound chip
Hopefully a rough track plan of my layout is attached?

I`ll descibe the basic operation and you can then tell me which bits are ok, possible and rubbish!

Movement 1

DMU enters layout (10x 2 ft) via track C off fiddle yard traversa (6ft conected to track C +
and crossed over points 1&2 to exit layout via track A or it stops, then exits layout via track B.

Same for light engine.

Movement 2

Top and tailed 3 coach train enters from fiddle yard over track C runs into Track D. It later then returns to fiddle yard the same way it came in.

Movement 3

Frieght train enters from fiddle yard via track C and runs into track D, stopping between points (4) and (20). It the runs round via point (4) onto track E then crosses to onto F. Stops, then backs onto the rear of the train on track D via points (21)+(20)

Movement 4

Light engine comes onto layout via track C enters Depot via point (3) and runs onto track G . From here it can either run onto Track H which is the re-fueling road and then it can be stabled on the depot somewhere, or if it does not need fuel / sand it can enter the depiot via track K or use point (7) to enter the depot.


Fuel train.

Loco and occasionaly a stores van (when Bachman bring it out!) plus 2-3 TTA enter layout via track C and moves onto track G. It then backs the TTa into the tank road, track J and then backs the stores van onto track K. The stroes van is picked up by the depot 08 and moved to the stroes road, track M. The loco goes for fuel if needed or just finds a road to wait in.

To leave, the 08 take the stores van and TTa's onto track G where a loco attaches to the front and then leaves via point (5)+ (D1)+ (3) onto track C and fiddle yard.

There is a lot of track on my layout, but it was initially designed for use at home, and this is where it is used most weeks. I can quite understand someone saying there is too much track squeezed onto the boards, but then I like to see empty tacks! Sometimes they are full granted, but as all Locos have sound not everything is running.

Track S is supposed to be access for road transport

Track Q is an old inspection pit at the back of Shed road 1, the idea being it was left over from the sheds steam days, just incase its needed.

Track R is a small holding road that sometimes one of two snowploughs occupies.

Tracks T,U,V are holding roads, perhaps for locos that dont move much.

Track M is either used for a loco to sit in, or on the odd accasion a stores van enters the depot this is where the toilet roll is unloaded!

Track H is the fuel and sand road, locos can enter and exit from either direction though only one can re-fuel at a time, a second loco can sit in the road awaiting its turn.

Track J is where 2-3 TTA unload.
Track I is a short road, just long enough for 1 TTa or the 08 to wait in.

So whats missing (catch points) whats rubbish ( i dont mind you saying everthing ) whats nearly there and what seems ok?
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my drivers are old steam era figues i paint in white shirts, sometimes Ews marroon with his vis vests. 60070 had a bachmann diesel depot staff fitter in no 2 seat, he is having a cup of tea!
Riemnough going down today for a few weeks / months as Oliver's road needs finishing.
Right, time to re-erect New Rimenough and continue finishing off before the October show turns up!
QUOTE (Piemanlarger @ 19 Jul 2010, 08:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Right, time to re-erect New Rimenough and continue finishing off before the October show turns up!

Good plan, trouble is its been so busy with work i have not done anything.

Still, 2 days left to sort thing out before cirencester.
Good job not much needs to be done!
QUOTE (Redtop @ 29 Sep 2010, 15:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just caught up with your thread, very nice work and the speed in which you do it all most impressive.
Regards Mike

Thanks. i do build quickly when the mood takes me!

QUOTE (Sir Dubalot @ 29 Sep 2010, 16:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great work, I can only wish for a layout as good as this at the moment, great detail.


Thanks again.

Not sure how long I will keep New Rimenough, may be up for sale come December, you could have one then lol?

As it is, this is the 4th time in 5(?) years I have built this layout.

this version is suited to exhibition use more than the others.

Thing is, i want something different for home use. I may sell / scrap new rimenough when its last booked show is over at the end of November (Thornbury) and then start on a new perminent home depot layout?
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Well, the couple of jobs that needed doing have been done (Lighting change on the depot).

All was working before the layout was taken down for transport Saturday morning

As long as it all works when re-assembled, you just never know lol:

Mainly a 60's weekend this time out I think. Not beetles but Tugs!
QUOTE (silky_jack @ 30 Sep 2010, 08:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Blimey - it would be a real shame to scrap such a great layout. I'm sure someone would purchase it.

It's a fantastic layout - the diesels look great, whcih coming from a "Kettle" lover is a BIG compliment.

QUOTE (jamesukusa @ 2 Oct 2010, 06:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great layout, great pictures.

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the kind words. Think the layout will either be sold or scrapped after Novembers show to make way for a new perminent Home depot layout.

Got the idea for the next layout already!
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A good weekend on the whole. Layout ran well despite some chap who for reasons beyond me, wanted to view the layout from the Depot "End". He kicked the end stand, not once, but twice! The second shunt moved the boards! Must insist on some sort of barrier from now on, even if its the strap type?

Had a bit of re-jigging to do before sundays running but the layout ran well as did most of the stock really.

I turned the sound down lower this weekend than I have run them before.
From 15 ft away with the room empty (before opening Sunday) you could not hear the locos. Ideal hearing distance in the show was about 3- 6 ft. This was fine unless trying to hear the loco at the far end of the layout, so need to turn them back up a touch.

St..Andrews road was about 30 foot away from me with a load of sound fitted class 66 and a spattering of 67. Trouble was, with their volume on full I could hear those locos over mine. I kept wondering why my 67 were starting up without me pressing any buttons lol. Thank god I left my 66 at home this weekend!
We had a breif loco exhance, a 37 departed Rimenough and a Fastline 56 arrived. Was told it was Howes sound. However, i was not overly impressed as with just one speaker under the fan and on full volume, the quality of the sound was poor. Lots of vibrating noise really as if the speaker was not secured properly? Just think, from my own experience that the problem of distorted sound on the model was due to running to high a volume, it was very loud.

What was nice is that despite not having time for railways during the summer, i really enjoyed the weekend and playing trains.

Looking forward to Thornbury MRC show at the end of November now, that will more than likley be the layouts last outing, though it is also going to the Barry & Penarth Open day mid november, new 08 will be the depot shunter for those shows too!.


Once of Dyseth road, now out of service on Rimenough, 37684 is blocked in by 67001, also out of work with no mail today!

Lets talk about work, its not as taxing as doing the work!

No passenger trains today as it was sunday and work was being dome on the main line, so the snowplougha went on a test run.

visiting class 56

Health ans Saftey have said the converted Queen mary mess room was not safe, so its been carted off and replaced with te managaers office!

Its a 60's weekend line up.

37886 awaits the depot fuel tanks

Think this is now my favourite class 60

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Noisy neighbours:D

St.Andrews road

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New rimenough had its last outing on Welsh soil today at the Barry Mrc open day.

Layout performed faultlessly though some of the locos obviuosly need a clean!

ill be a shame to see it go at the end of the month but things move on!

Had lots of nice comments, plenty of people interested and asking about Dcc, Dynamis and of course sound.

Did the Swd - Howes class 37 sound comparrisons, the Base reflex - Standard speaker set up comparrisons.

Showed people that actually the Hornby 08 can sound alot better by fitting the 23 ml speaker in the cab, surpried myself there really too lol!

Thornbury model club in 2 weeks time for its last outing, unless someone buys it?
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Good performance by the layout at Thornbury Model railways clubs show over the weekend.

All ran well (few operator problems lol) but the layout was again on top form. Lots of nice comments which ius always appreciated.
Class 37 very popular again!
Had a good time shunting round the depot with the 08, the diffrence the 23ml speaker in the cab makes in huge. For now think I will keep the 08 as it is?

Only managed a few quick grab shots with the compact.

Dr.Who was on the move round the layout again!

37114 was in need of adjustment by the fitter to its Buffer!

37670 St.Blazey was in storage while 67005 was awaiting to clear away the snow!

No Mail today so the class 67 awaits its turn to return the fuel oil tankers, once they have been delivered.

A duty performed by Tower Coal, but this was oil!

It was a fairly busy Show

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QUOTE (Expat @ 29 Nov 2010, 20:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Pieman,

Rimenough certainly looks to be in top form and it will be a pity to see it go into retirement. The last few shots in particular, with all your locos lined up, are excellent.

So when do we get to see the new layout ??

Thanks Trevor,
Plan was to put Rimenough up for sale and if sold, start the new "home" Depot layout. Not sure if that will happen as quickly as I planned or even if I will get round to trying to sell it but rather just scrap and start again?

May well be after Xmas now as I have quite a few things to put on e-bay, wagons, some coaches , locos etc etc.


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