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Dear friends.

At the Expo Trains Luxembourg, we met Messrs. Rik Martens and Koen Vermeulen from Belgium, and their RIMKOV scale-1 diorama.
This diorama is modeled after the Rugby testing station, which was operating in the years following WW2. The action of Rinkov is transposed to Germany, and the steam loco tested on the rolling stand is a Krauss-Maffei.
These gentlemen started their project having seen historical newsreels of the Rugby testing facility on YouTube, and CAD-designed the parts, starting from the blurred vintage photos of the facility, plus other historical videos. The plastic parts of the diorama were later molded by a third part with 3-D printing, while the rolling stand is a metal construction.[email protected]/...tetaken-public/[email protected]/...tetaken-public/[email protected]/...tetaken-public/

This diorama is completed with an integral hi-fi audio system, which reproduces noise and vibration with an incredible fidelity. Also a theatrical-level smoke generator supplies not only the smokestack, but also the steam vents and condensate valves of the loco. The testing sequence is controlled via PC, producing a speed ramp, braking, reversing, speed ramp, braking.

By simply Googling “RIMKOV” (which is the acronym of the initials of the two builders), several videos come out, including some describing its design and construction.

All the best from Milan
Mad Doc & Nickel Queen
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