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Riveting Tool

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Can Any body tell me where I can buy a Riveting tool from? for adding the imppresion of Rivets on to harf etched Brass items.

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Hi Pete.

The item you require is I believe available ferom GW MODELS in Sussex, He attends various exhibitions.

details available are available from this link

A cheaper alternative to the GW Models riveting tool is the gravity powered one which is available from London Road Models, (£9.50) and I think I saw a similar type for sale on Eileen's Emporium's stand at a recent exhibition. I find it quite good for the task you describe, pressing out half-etched ones - I think the GW one might be better when starting from scratch.
Has anyone got the contact info for London Road Models please.

London road models
PO Box 643,
Herts., WD2 5ZJ

I use the london road models version.
its wonderfully simple.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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