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RJR Shed Layouts under the axe

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After a few days of consideration and consultation I feel I am now decided enough to announce some sweeping changes in "da" shed.

Some reasons.

Speed modelling by nature rather than choice has seen me fill most of my available space.

A lack of room to actually use for modelling

A growing like of all things modular (I blame Blackcloud ! )

The way forward.

SpringHead Wharf is to be sold of if I can get any offers portable approx 4' x 2"

Springhead Terminus is to be sold if any offers made or stripped for spares approx 5' x 20"

This will make under layout space for modules.

The Big change

My main layout Springhead Junction is to be dismantled to make way for a modular workshop.

This view shows the main features. Across the end a LARGE fixed in the shed curved viaduct around 12" track bed to base which will be across the 6' width of the shed.

Along the two sides worktops that will double as Module stands or working areas. On the far side Mossley Terrace is shown to give an idea of scale.

This will provide space to build or run continuous Trains to sit back and watch. When I get bored I can make more modules that will sit under the worktop and can be swapped in and out on the workbench.

I have enojoyed the building and exhibiting of Mossley Terrrace and as Im enjoying the involvement with Cheshire Railway Modellers (CRM) Modular exhibitions and now I need some new challenges.

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I do hope you find homes for the "redundant" sections John - it would be a real shame if these stunning examples were to be lost.

The new concept looks excellent though.

Please be sure to keep us all informed of the new venture.

For once, I can't think of a lot to say !
You certainly have got through this at a hell of a speed John. I seem to remember when you were talking about getting a shed.

Might be worth thinking about an EBay auction?
eBay auctions would certainly be a good idea and they would make it all a bit clearer. I would cetainly be interested in bidding if you live near enough to me.

The new plan looks great and good luck selling the others. You will definately get a good price.
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It would be a great shame to scrap them John but time must move on I suppose.

Quick Update, Terminus gone, accepted an offer on the warf.

It has been a interesting decision to make, but at the end of the day Im one of those that gets more pleasure out of building than running so I need space to keep building opportunities ! With modern technology its great to look back though, I spent some time last night reviewing some of my early Youtube posts of the garden section of the empire. Its good to have been able to find a good home for the two portable section and that will go towards the new project.

Thanks for that link Stuart, makes interesting reading.

The adventure has begun

I had expected to be out tonight but a last minute cancellation by someone else ment I ended up with a free evening.

So deconstruction started. The plan is to try and clear an area at a time so I can then move stuff into cleared space ! Easier said than done

A couple of pictures

The left side looking a bit clearer and similar to the plan !

The right side is a bit more cluttered !

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Quick update had a very productive day today and will post pictures later.

Both the layouts I wanted to sell have been SOLD and gone so this gave me room to get on with the changes

Hi John sorry to hear about you tearing up Springhead! I had many a good few hours watching your video's and of course many thanks for your encouragement with the video making.

Life goes on though John and I will be keeping an eye on this thread now.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Kind regards
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Thanks Paul Im not going anywhere and as you will see from this post Videos wont be long

Okay as promised some pictures of the days progress (I love Saturdays !)

Sorry for the poor quality but my camera betteries were flat so had to resort to my phone

View from the door

Note Mossley terrac is on the other side now, the beauty of the modular plan ! Both support boards down either side have new tops, easier than cleaning the old ones.

A view across the viaduct from the right

View across the viaduct from the left, The viaduct deck board is 12mm MDF and sits on the top of the main baseboards, this is in line with CRM module baseboard construction (Plug and Play technology
) The viaduct is 3" wide to allow long OO stock around it future side walls and also short On30 stock !

View looking up from the bottom of the valley, this is quite a high viaduct at 16" from the deck

Helicopter view

View straight on to the viaduct and the associated timber work

And finally I kept what was the underslung traverser but took of the track, this gives me somewhere to store some of the stock.

The loco and cutler coaches (3 of 4 shown here) formed part of the trade I made for the wharf, and the cash from the sale of the terminus is financing the woodworking.

I had B&Q cut the remainder of the MDF up to create a new module shell the same size as Mossley Terrace.

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Some better pictures

Today I have assmebled 2 more modules. The first is a companion to Mossley Terrace and is the same size

The second is an 18"" by 36" shell that will be my first On30 module

And this evening I have been converting a US HO loco to On30

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Hi John,I like the look of that ho loco..
Is it a shunter?
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Hi John it's all looking very promising. That loco looks good you certainly don't hang about do you

Looking forward to seeing your modules taking shape (At the speed of light no doubt)

Kind regards

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interesting work John - I look forward to developments.

Forgot to add - I like the rivets on the cab

Thanks Guys

During the day I undercoated my On30 loco (took it in the van and gave it the odd coat here and there during the day)

Tonight I have started the cladding on the viaduct. As mentioned in the brief the plan is it will be scale ambiguous, Only the modules fitted either size will determine the scale. I have taken a set of pictures with On30 and one with OO to get a feel for size.

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Looking great as ever John keep it up

Kind regards

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Hi John. I must confess the demise of Springhead Junction felt like losing an old friend. When I first saw what you had manage to achieve in an 8' x 6' shed I was absolutely dumbstruck and the updates of your ongoing thread were something I looked forward to with eager anticipation.

Many thanks for sharing your achievements with us and good luck with your new project.
Thanks Gents.

Trevor look on the bright side, I get to do more modelling which means more updates !

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