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RJR "Springhead Junction"

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My OO layout lives in the 8'x6' shed at the bottom of the garden.

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Welcome to MRF John & thanks for the pictures.

I especially liked pic' no 3 with the boarded up windows - it's these little things that bring real life & atmosphere to a layout.
Hi again John,

I've just had another closer look at those pictures & totally missed the fact that the layout is in a space of 8' x 6'. There is so much there & yet it does not look cramped at all - I think the way the sides & ceiling are painted helps.

Lot's of little extras to add the right sort of life - modelling at it's best - another layout I would love to see "in the flesh".
Looks good John - and the trackwork "flows" nicely too.
The boat & barge are looking good - look forward to watching the progress.
QUOTE (John at RJR @ 9 May 2008, 21:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Im happy with it being wrong and am just pleased that on my first attempt at scracth building a fishing boat at least everyone can tell what it is ment to be. !!
If I attempted to build the same & it came out anywhere near that I would be pleased too.

Although I'm no expert on fishing boats, it looks good to me & certainly captures the spiret, which to me is the most important thing.

Thanks for the details & pictures.
Excellent & very effective - I think the chips to go with them will be a challenge though !
Looking good John, very good.

Thanks for the update.
QUOTE (BRITHO @ 4 Jun 2008, 12:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's mighty tall grass - are you planning on hiding elephants in there?

They could already be there !

Excellent progress.
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QUOTE (John at RJR @ 8 Jun 2008, 22:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did someone order seaguls ???
They look well fed - must be the ones that had my fish !

Great work - nice to see the pics.
QUOTE (BRITHO @ 9 Jun 2008, 13:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I thought that was the cats!

No - they are just about the most stupid creatures on the planet (well, mine are anyway).

What I really need is some seagull eating fish.
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The clutter adds to the atmosphere well & the "smoke" looks good too.

Would certainly like to see the finished model in the flesh.
I feel the same as Robert & David, although really should not say anything because there is no way I could get even close.

It may just be the light/camera/LCD screen effect, but the texture certainly looks excellent.

Would love to see this model in the flesh (& would travel quite a way to do so).
QUOTE (Basil @ 21 Jun 2008, 15:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Richards point about producing some test boards for water is a good one and would help the rest of us to see the possibilities.
As Basil has seconded Richards point can I "third" it please ?
Superb John - the texture really does look good.

Thanks for producing the "how to" - it really is appreciated and shows that it would be a very good thing to have a separate section for tips & so on.
QUOTE (railstimulator @ 23 Jun 2008, 11:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sea what sea, too busy looking at the bird on the beach, do you have her number????
It's 15850
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Nice tour & pics John - maybe you could start selling tickets to fund further purchase's ?

Thanks for the pics.
QUOTE (John at RJR @ 1 Jul 2008, 06:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>in fact Im not sure about colours perhaps grey ??
I'm sure the ones left at the London Docklands as orniments are all over grey/rust - I'll have a look later in the week when I go past.
QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 1 Jul 2008, 09:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm sure the ones left at the London Docklands as orniments are all over grey/rust - I'll have a look later in the week when I go past.
Hi John,

Went past them yesterday & they are an overall grey with some rust.

I have to say that with the added detailing your crane looks superb.
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