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Road Paint etc..

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Has anyone got any idea's of a good material / paint for making roads? Tarmac etc..
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QUOTE (Grahame HHC @ 29 Jun 2008, 19:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I don't actually find it a hassle. Firstly I use a pencil to mark where the lines need to go then simply paint over using a fine brush and thinned acrylic paint. The result looks great with no danger of peeling and curling corners in awkward to reach parts of the layout. And you're able to replicate worn and scuffed lining that you often see on real roads. Plus it's probably easier to paint double yellow tightly curved lines rather than trying to cut and apply such intricate shapes to a consistant width and to remain parallel to the kerb (see photo above and below - although struggling to find good pics of the road markings);


Could you tell us more about how you have weathered the lines, and how you have made such a great job of making th eroad looked 'patched'.


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QUOTE (Grahame HHC @ 29 Jun 2008, 19:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The road lines/markings can be made to look worn and distressed by varying the thickness of paint used, over painting, and/or dabbing with semi-absorbant material before completely dry.

The road repair patches are simply painted squares/irregular shapes of other shades/colours of grey. Some have a pencil outlines to represent the tar seal used on some repairs. The road is weathered (exhaust and tyre stains) with a soft pencil gently scribbled on in place then spread and thinned by rubbing with a finger.


Thanks very much and well done on creating such realistic scenes
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