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Road Paint etc..

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Has anyone got any idea's of a good material / paint for making roads? Tarmac etc..
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I use wet and dry paper glued down with a cardboard rib in the middle to give a camber. No painting or added surfacing needed, just look for the right grade and colour to suit the specific location. Cut slightly oversize and Metcalfe pavements sit on top to give a nice kerb effect. Adhesive address labels cut in strips make white lines and pedestrian crossings etc. and although I have never tried it could conceivably be painted yellow before cutting to give those pretty yellow lines that the councils like to decorate the roads with.
True they do tend to stand a bit proud, but then so do full size road markings. I get the odd one that will refuse to stick but that is soon fettled with a dab of PVA. Overall the effect is very realistic and a lot less hassle than trying to paint lines accurately by hand.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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