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QUOTE (chriswright03 @ 6 Apr 2007, 19:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My interest is the Blue Era and the 70's and 80's. Problem is if you want to model this era there are very few cars to use on a layout. Yes you can get Minis and landrovers and the odd Ford Capri, MGB but where are the Triumph 2000's Ford Cortinas and Vauxhall Vivas of the period?

Some kits are available - Springside do the Triumph 2000 Mk.2 and I have the HB Viva in my own range - see (CARKIT-4 range). There are some 1960s/70s vehicles in the R.Parker range, including a very nice Rover 3.5 coupe.
Might also be worth watching the new Oxford Diecasts range as they are introducing some early 60s cars next month - they may do more recent ones in due course.

Bernard Taylor, Taylor Precision Models
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