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QUOTE (chriswright03 @ 6 Apr 2007, 19:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>My interest is the Blue Era and the 70's and 80's. Strange because I used to go and watch the steam engines so have seen the green diesels but the blue seem to hold my interest more. Problem is if you want to model this era there are very few cars to use on a layout. Yes you can get Minis and landrovers and the odd Ford Capri, MGB but where are the Triumph 2000's Ford Cortinas and Vauxhall Vivas of the period? Vanguard do an excellent range but sadly only in O gauge so where do we get the right vehicles (cars mostly) for this era?

I know that they are HO but Herpa have re-issued a lot of their 70 & 80's vehicles in their budget range - many of the cars, especially the Fords & Opels were around in those days.

Again, Wiking & Ritze do some of the older Transits & such like.

Also the Gaugemaster HO cars have the VW Beetle & Camper Van, MkII Jag & a few others.

A little bit of careful positioning & you probably won't notice the scale of the HO vehicles.

Hope this helps. (BTW - we sell loads of HO vehicles to OO modellers !)
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