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Roadways help please

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This may seem like a silly question but I have recently started in the hobby at the tender age of 50 something. I am trying to model a small town and small country scene. No problem with building etc as I am using kits to give me the scale but I am getting totally confused of the size of roads and tracks.
I am looking at the approximate scale width of a main road and side road for a town scene and a country scene.
I am modelling in 00 roughly 1950/1960 era.
Can someone help as I am getting strange looks from people as I try pacing out roads and tracks and every time I start working out scales I keep hearing my old maths teacher voice in my head telling me how I should have paid more attention Thanks Col
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It really depends on when the road was built. If the road is new it would be built to a standard size however if the road is a country area or village it can really be any size it likes. In rural and remote Scotland many of our roads are very narrow and there are often single track roads with passing places. In older towns and villages there are roads which are hard to squeeze a car through. Get to know the area you are modelling and take a few pictures of what you are trying to recreate and use this as a basis for your model.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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