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Roadways help please

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This may seem like a silly question but I have recently started in the hobby at the tender age of 50 something. I am trying to model a small town and small country scene. No problem with building etc as I am using kits to give me the scale but I am getting totally confused of the size of roads and tracks.
I am looking at the approximate scale width of a main road and side road for a town scene and a country scene.
I am modelling in 00 roughly 1950/1960 era.
Can someone help as I am getting strange looks from people as I try pacing out roads and tracks and every time I start working out scales I keep hearing my old maths teacher voice in my head telling me how I should have paid more attention Thanks Col
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I would like to suggest finding photographs from the era and getting vehicles from the same, stand them on the layout as if passing/overtaking and go from there. After all, modellers license gives you the choice at the end of the day.
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