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Rob P's coach workbench

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Having taken the plunge in stripping the cab of the A3 prior to making the roof removable did I continue with the F8?

Nah! I am sure that it will come as no surprise that it didn't take much encouragement from Chris for me to start on one of the coach kits that she bought me for my birthday.

This is some of what's in the box - for this particular coach I am still waiting for the underframe and bogie etches.

Having had a read of the quite comprehensive instructions available for download from the kemilway site it reckons about a hundred and fifty hours to build a coach depending on experience. Having had some of these kits in 4mm some years ago I had an idea what to expect and this is where I got to after 4 hours yesterday.

The floor pan folded up and the inner ends curved with the formers soldered in.

Both sides have their separate bottom panels soldered in.

Even though I had filed of the etching cusps I struggled with the first side to get the panels in flat etc. with a couple needing to be dropped out and repositioned. On the second side I made doubly sure that I had removed the cusps and I put a slight chamfer on the edges of each panel. This meant that they snapped into place with ease and I soldered up the second side in half the time it took for the first - a lesson learned for the next one.
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This weekend saw much progress on the Twin set.

Timely posting of a photo of the brake end allowed me to cut the windows while the end was in the flat and then both coach bodies were assembled.

I also blanked of the inner ends by filling the holes for the buffers and coupling hooks and then overlaid a piece of 20 thou to form a solid foundation for the shared bogie pivot.

Lastly I made a start of building up/detailing the battery boxes (although there are five I only need four for this job). Next I need to cut out the end straps with the silhouette because I have run out.
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that's looking very nice Rob
I've got some similar bogies to build for my syphons.
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More done on the bogies over the weekend.

The brakes and yokes are now fitted to all three bogies. not exactly like the real thing but will pass muster hidden away underneath the coach.


If you are wondering why the rod between the two yokes? It's to hold the brakes away from the tyres to prevent friction.

They just need guard irons over the yokes and they are well on their way.
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Although I haven't posted on this for a while things have progressed but there hasn't been much to take photos of.

We had decided to try the Sparmac queen posts from Invertrain while all the other fittings (vac tanks, roof vents, grab handles etc.) came from JLRT late last year before they closed although they look similar the key different in the Sparmac queen posts is the fact that they don't have holes for the truss rods to go through. I popped them with a punch, deepend the mark with a pin vice and then used my Proxxon Pillar drill to finish them off. Sadly taking the photos has just highlighted to me that I have missed drilling through one the holes so I will need to do that one by hand since they are now stuck firmly on.

I also added the vacuum tanks.

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My recent lathe purchase has started me thinking about making the most of some of my other tools. I used to do quite a bit of woodworking until we converted our garage and I no longer had the room for many of the woodworking tools so I sold them.

What I kept were, chop saw, Router/router table and a linisher. The Router/router table, until a couple of weeks ago was in my loft so not accessible for regular use and my linisher while slightly more accessible by being under my workbench had only seen the light of day once in the last 5 years.

Prompted by getting something out of the loft I decided to get the Router/router table and the linisher out and take them to the other house where I have a dry brick built garage that's alarmed. Fast forward to this weekend and I decided to start making use of them so used the linisher to prepare all the partitions for the twin set. Each one needed to be profiles to fit the vacuum formed Kirk roof and it certainly made a much easier job of the 17 or so partitions plus the coach ends.

I reckon what I achieved today would have taken at least a couple of weekend's work to achieve filing by hand.
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Although modelling time has been limited recently I have made a little more progress with the twins.

I was a bit remiss in not cutting out for the ducket while I had the sides in the flat but I managed.

We now have one of my silhouette cut duckets fitted. This in fact the second attempt because I was a bit heavy handed with polystyrene cement last weekend and the first effort just melted away - this one is stuck more patiently with limonene.

I had also prepped some scrap etch for the mounting brackets for the dynamos last weekend and I got those fitted too although from the photo one of them need a minor tweak to it's shape.

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