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Roco and other brands compatibility

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I have recently started an Era V Roco layout and am looking to expand the coach range a bit with some Era III and IV coaches. There are some nice looking, secondhand SBB coaches available. They are branded 'Marklin', 'Liliput', 'HAG' and 'Modellmeister'. The seller seems to know less than me so my question is,

Would it be problematic to convert such coaches to the Roco close coupling system? They appear to be no more than twenty years old, probably less.

I would appreciate any advice.

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Hi Menright

With the Marklin coaches you may need to replace the wheels , as they are not isolated like the normal 2 rail brands

Depending on the couplings you use , and the age of the coaches , they are usually easy to replace. Since the mid to late 80's most Euro brands used NEM pockets and close coupling mechanisms .
if they are not close coupling you can alternate a close coupling coach with a non close coupling coach , it wont be as good but it would be better that non close coupling coaches together.

Close coupling kits are available , not sure how much they are though or how easy to fit.

There are always Coaches on Ebay with close coupling mechanisms at reasonable prices

Hope this helps

Regards Zmil
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Some of these may already have close coupling mechanisms - if not you can retro-fit Roco close couplings - if you cannot obtain them from your usual supplier send me a PM.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the advice. It is appreciated.
I took a couple of photos yesterday and will post them when I get my computer back (it died, and I'm using my work laptop) with the photosmart program.
These photos show a rake of DB Epoche 3a coaches made up of Roco, Fleischmann and Piko rolling stock. I think they look pretty good together, can you tell which is which or whatever? - I don't think so. The Fleischmann and Piko stock is beautifully matched in every way, maybe the ivory lettering on the Roco is a little paler, but no real problem.

I thought it might be a good test do this with a rake of goods wagons too... Next weekend's project maybe.

Hi there, menright,
Up and running again... so here are those piccies I promised.

OK, so here's a rake of Epoche IIIa stock (from around 1955/6) with Packwagen, Postwagen, Donnerbuchsen and Umbauwagen - the photos do not forgive and I am truly sorry the items are not weathered ( day). I reckon they look pretty good together, these are from 3 makers : Fleischmann, Roco and Piko, can you tell which is which?
Train Sky Vehicle Mountain Rolling stock

Look at the colour match of the ivory writing on the Pack- and Postwagen, I think it's pretty good considering they are different makers.

Now here's what might be a PmG, same manufacturers - again the two wagons in the foreground are from different makers

Train Land vehicle Mountain Rolling stock Vehicle

and you see the wagons are all pretty well matched up - all these vehicles are coupled with Fleischmann 'profi-' couplings. Hope you like the pictures - I am slowly getting better at it.


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Most rolling stock matches up pretty well from different manufactures, although IMHO some difference is acceptable, after all, paintwork weathers to give varying colours.

Thanks for the pics (BTE - we use FLM Prof's as standard too).
Glad you enjoyed..
Brian will know this , but they are, in the first photo :
Fleischmann Packwagon : Piko Postwagon ; Fleischmann Donnerbuchse : Roco close coupled pair of umbauwagen (special Ep IIIa set, from 2001 or so)
In the second photo:
Fleischmann GG : Roco bierwagon (close to my heart, beer) - a special set with a delivery truck and cases of beer etc.: 2 Fleischmann Donnerbuchsen then the Pw : finally the Postwagon.
All in front of one section of the lovely Loewenstein background from Faller.


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