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Hello all,

As some modellers may know Roco was in some trouble recently after making some not so wise managment and product decisions. They seemed to be cutting back in N and it looked like they had given up almost completely, especially as N scale went unmentioned in each new month of model releases month after month on their website.

However, the ever dependable 1zu160 has got wind of a long list of partly new and partly rereleased models which I have cut and pasted below...

There are many things to excite me such as the SBB EW IV coaches in ICN livery which are reappearing along with the ÖBB EC coaches in grey/red, a 1st class SBB Eurofima in grey/grey/red along with several models with alternative running numbers. Also interesting are the six-axle ore hoppers and various freight wagons. It remains to be seen if these are further mould floggings or if any new toolings have been made and perhaps close coupling added to those items which didn't have them before. To know this one must wait for pictures...but the fact that Roco N is still alive and kicking is very reassuring for those worried that Roco had given up.

This has indeed made my weekend!


Roco August 2007 N Announcement

23308 E-Lok BR 101 "Azubilok"
23385 DB Triebwagen ET 90 9001
23386 K.P.E.V. Triebzug C4ieT/Cpw4ies
23390 Akku-Triebwagen AT405/406
23391 Akku-Triebwagen ETA 180
23393 E-Lok 144.5
23394 E-Lok 144.5, 2. Nr.
23398 E-Lok Be 4/6 braun Museum
23399 E-Lok Be 4/6 grün
23400 E-Lok BR 150 grün
23401 E-Lok BR 150 grün, 2. Nr.
23410 E-Lok BR 243
23411 E-Lok BR 243, 2. Nr.
23420 Diesellok 215 rot
23421 Diesellok 215 rot, 2. Nr.
23422 Diesellok 215 ozeanblau/beige
23430 Diesellok 220 ozeanblau/beige
23431 Diesellok 220 ozeanblau/beige, 2. Nr
23435 Diesellok 188 rot
23440 Diesellok V90
23480 RENFE V E 250
23482 RENFE V E 250 Estrella
24028 Set Kesselwagen Aral 3-tlg.
24029 Set 1 Erzwagen 3-tlg.
24030 Set 2 Erzwagen 3-tlg.
24031 Set Talbot Schotterwg. 3-tlg.
24032 Set 1 Muldenkippwg. 3-tlg.
24033 Set 2 Muldenkippwg. 3-tlg.
24034 Set Off. Güterwagen 2-tlg.
24035 Set Off. Güterwagen Eaos 3-tlg.
24036 Set Kugelsilowagen 2-tlg.
24330 SBB Ep IV 1.Kl. Reisezugwagen
24331 SBB Ep IV 2.Kl. Reisezugwagen
24332 SBB Ep IV-V Speisewagen

24430 ÖBB 1.Kl. Eurofima-Reisezugwagen, grau/hellgrau, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar, neue Betriebsnummer
24431 ÖBB 1./ 2. Kl. Eurofima-Reisezugwagen, grau/hellgrau, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar, neue B.Nummer
24432 ÖBB 2.Kl. Eurofima-Reisezugwagen, grau/hellgrau, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar, neue Betriebsnummer
24433 ÖBB Speisewagen, Eurofima, grau/hellgrau, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar, neue Betriebsnummer
24434 Eurofimawagen 1. Kl., FS, XMPR-Lack, hellgrau/blau/grün, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar
24435 Eurofimawagen 2. Kl., FS, XMPR-Lack, hellgrau/blau/grün, Ep5 - Wieder lieferbar
24455 SBB TEN Schlafwagen
24456 DB TEN Schlafwagen
24464 ÖBB V Eurofima EC-Lack 2.Kl., 2. Nr
24465 SBB Eurofimawagen 1.Kl grau/grau
24466 Eurofimaliegewagen 2.Kl
24467 Schnellzugwagen 2.Kl
24468 Schnellzugwagen 2.Kl, 2. Nr.
24469 Schnellzugwagen 1.Kl
24493 Liegewagen 2.Kl
24494 Schnellzugwagen 2.Kl
24495 Schnellzugwagen 2.Kl, 2. Nr.
24500 EW IV 2.Kl. 2.Nr.

24501 EW IV 1.Kl. ICN
24502 EW IV 2.Kl. ICN
24503 EW IV 2.Kl. ICN, 2. Nr.
24510 Eilzugwagen 2Kl./Gep.
24511 Eilzugwagen 2Kl.
24512 Eilzugwagen. 2Kl. 2.Nr.
24513 Eilzugwagen 1./2 Kl.
25581 Großraum-Schiebewandwagen
25659 Ged. Güterwagen Gs
25660 Ged. Güterwagen Gbs

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Things do seem to be stiring at Roco. Their website has Autumn release lists for HO as well but more importantly for me, some SBB IC2000 coaches which were on back order from Modellbahn Kramm are now in the post. Now if only I could get my hands on a 45461/45466 1st class / baggage car. I plan to post a photo or two once this train is in service. It can't be commissioned until it has been given as a present (and it's from me, not for me) and that has to wait for the due date.

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