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QUOTE (theakerr @ 23 Oct 2008, 01:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A while back some one posted a source of the Roco 40271 couplings that came in packs of 50 at a very competitive price. I am very pleased with them and have found that they are also very effective on a number of Bachman wagons. I want to get some more. I have tried to find the original string using the search engine but have not been successful. Can anyone help or provide me with the name of the retailer that was named
Thanks. Jim Theaker, Canada.

Hi Jim
Try Euro Rail Hobbies and More in Vancouver BC.
On page five of Roco HO products you'll see 40271 boxes of 50 for $31.50 Canadian.
Bryan in Victoria,B.C.
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